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Fitness training detached from the dog place


Based on the training of competitive athletes (soccer, ice hockey, etc.)


Natural gait thanks to the non-slip, continuously rubberized running surface, as the dog does not stretch out its claws


No plate technology and related injuries to toes and claws


Minimized risk of injury through optimized connections


Without a motor, driven by the dog itself, simulates and amplifies the natural sequence of movements


Perfect muscle building through adjustable resistance


Ideal for sports dogs with sprint training


Also ideal for retirees to maintain physical fitness


Rapid physical exertion without spending a lot of time on days with little time (short time intervals)


Great fun factor!


Let's run - have fun!

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Treadmill with brake

(Fitness treadmill for dogs with continuously adjustable




€ 3.299,-*


Treadmill with brake, parking

brake and mechanical brake

(Fitness treadmill for dogs with infinitely adjustable foot brake, parking brake and mechanical brake for regulating the running resistance)


€ 3.719.-*


Treadmill speedmeter

(for determining the speed,

distance covered, average speed, duration

 of the running time, etc.)


€ 149.-*

*all prices incl. 19% VAT, excl. shipping costs!


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Technical details:

Special PVC treadmill belt* for a great grip and a comfortable running feeling


*) color deviations possible

Smallest gap for an injury-free training of the dogs.


No damage to the dog's claws or toes!

Patented foot brake system for the perfect confirmation of the dog and for regulating the bite speed

Hanging system adjustable to the size of the dog

Parking brake for optimal acclimatization and preparation

ESD safety glass, scratch-resistant for easy cleaning and a permanently clear view (no clouding as with plastic)

Mechanical braking system with verifiable braking levels for perfect muscle building

Aluminum rollers with

High speed ball bearings

CNC machined aluminum pulleys with high speed ball bearings

Dimensions: length 2016 mm, width 545 mm,
heigth 1300 mm (with tying device)


Use of high-quality mechanical engineering profiles and components!

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